My new project, PASCALAIN, is a duo with Pascal Palamidessi, a jazz pianist from Strasbourg, France.

We are combining my Rock / Pop / R&B / Country influences with Pascal’s Jazz / Classical piano music. Pascal is not only an accomplished pianist/improvisor, he is, like me, a composer. Whereas my main composition objective was, and still is, “the song is everything”, his forte is harmony, variation and originality. Pascal is also giving me, for the first time, the opportunity to write lyrics and/or melodies to another composer’s music.

Yes, I can play piano, too 😂
His “stand alone” piano arrangements also afford me the opportunity to sing, play flute, saxophone, guitar and bass on stage in a duo formation.

I think we compliment each other’s music the same way that salt and pepper compliment a good soup.

Our last concerts have been very successful and we are now looking forward to playing in venues that will bring our music to a larger audience.

Thank you for listening!

Sound clips:


Es Lebe Die Liebe

Konzert in Salzhemmendorf mit Special Guest

Konzert im Ratskeller in Salzhemmendorf am 15. April 2016. Full house!

Nach dem Erfolg im April kommt Alan im November wieder in den Ratskeller in Salzhemmendorf. Diesmal wird als Special Guest Liedermacher Ingmar Schütte mit seinem Programm Lacher, Kracher, Liedermacher dabei sein. Eine kleine Kostprobe gibt es hier:

Der Eintritt beträgt 10 €, Kartenvorverkauf im Ratskeller oder per Anfrage über das Kontaktformular.

A Tribute to Great Songwriters

I thought I should write a small explanation for the series of cover song videos I will be posting. As I listen to and watch various music videos on You Tube or Face Book, I am always
impressed by the excellent level of instrumental ability, dancing ability, singing ability and technical work, (staging,lighting, editing, etc), achieved by the new generation of creative artists. On the other hand, I am not so impressed with their song writing skills. I think that we, as musicians, have concentrated far too long on rhythm and arrangements, and not enough on melody or song structure.

This all begs the question: What makes a great song great?
In my opinion, a great song has the following characteristics:

  1. Great Melody
  2. Great Lyrics
  3. Structure
  4. Great emotion or image impact
  5. The inexplainable power to grab and keep your attention from the beginning to the end.

In order to demonstrate my argument, I am going to play and sing songs from various song writers, who have proven over and over, that they understood what makes a great song great. The artists are ALL people who have written any number of great songs. There will be no „one hit wonder“ artists represented.

Starting with Willie Nelson…

… and German songwriter Herbert Grönemeyer: