Every Generation — Live in Mainz 29. März 2014

Hi Everyone! The Phoenix has risen.



Alan Graham – Guitar & Vocals
Lifelong professional musician / singer / songwriter / guitarist / saxophonist / flute player / bass player/ piano player

Joachim Sohn – Bass

„Since Joachim Sohn is just beginning his musical career, let me be the first one to tell you that, because of his understanding of rhythm and melody, his love of the bass, and his unbelievable memory for music, he will be standing on big stages long after he stops playing with me; and I plan to work with him for years to come.“ — Alan Graham

Achim Buehrer – Drums

„Achim has played with every imaginable type of musician and musical style. (Yes, even a bagpipe band). He is the perfect drummer for a singer/songwriter because his first love is the song, and his primary goal is to find the rhythm that best supports the songwriter’s lyrical and melodic concepts. Simply put: Achim sets me free.“ — Alan Graham

For my American friends, there’s also a song to help you improve your German.