Alan Graham & Friends

Alan Graham & Friends

Hi everybody! The time has come to begin releasing the new songs, and new recordings of old songs, that I’ve been working on for the last year. With the help of my FRIENDS:

Joachim Sohn- Bass

Achim Bührer- Drums

Daniel Fernholz- Harmonica & Vocals

Inese Frei- Vocals

the music just keeps getting better. 


The first two songs from my tri-lingual project Alan Graham & Friends are:

 1)  „Gewesen Blues“. With Joachim Sohn on Bass and Achim Bührer on drums. (Thanks you guys!) The song gave me the opportunity to play tenor saxophone the way I like it, bluesy, but a little sweet and melodic. (like the Herb Hardesty- on I’m Walkin‘) For those of you who don’t speak German, the text is about being jilted by a lover, (surprise, surprise), but with a nice twist, because you can change the tense at the end of the sentence in German, which is not possible in English; thus the first lines in the chorus translate as, „You are so beautiful,……….. were, I loved you so much………did“.  

2) The second release is in French, which, with the help and encouragement of my son Jérémy, was paraphrased from an original song in English, „How You Gonna Miss Me“.  As you know, everything sounds better in French, the most romantic language in the world; yes, even my voice.

3)The third song is of course in English, and is a new version of the song „Marilyn“, which I first recorded in Los Angeles with Andrew Gold. I hope to have the recording finished in about two weeks.

4)I am also ready to release two songs that I recorded with Daniel Fernholz, who plays great harmonica, guitar, sings, and keeps me laughing. „Endlich Eins“ is the German version of  „All The Different Tribes“, that was written with my friend Mark Travis Fuller. The second song is, „Hundert mal versucht“, written with Daniel about a guy waiting in a bar for his girlfriend, who lets his imagination go wild while trying to find a reason for her not showing up. 

5) Two duets with Inese will also be available before the end of the year. 

We are all looking forward to your reactions and comments, and have all agreed to not be angry at anyone who decides to buy a song or two.

Sound clips: