My new project, PASCALAIN, is a duo with Pascal Palamidessi, a jazz pianist from Strasbourg, France.

We are combining my Rock / Pop / R&B / Country influences with Pascal’s Jazz / Classical piano music. Pascal is not only an accomplished pianist/improvisor, he is, like me, a composer. Whereas my main composition objective was, and still is, “the song is everything”, his forte is harmony, variation and originality. Pascal is also giving me, for the first time, the opportunity to write lyrics and/or melodies to another composer’s music.

Yes, I can play piano, too 😂
His “stand alone” piano arrangements also afford me the opportunity to sing, play flute, saxophone, guitar and bass on stage in a duo formation.

I think we compliment each other’s music the same way that salt and pepper compliment a good soup.

Our last concerts have been very successful and we are now looking forward to playing in venues that will bring our music to a larger audience.

Thank you for listening!

Sound clips:


Es Lebe Die Liebe